17 August 2018

Love/hate #18 Resident Evil 4

Might as well do another one of these after playing the remastered PC version to death in July. I originally played it on the GameCube and LOVED it and even started a file on the PS2 version when I got a hold of that at one point. I picked up the Steam version during the Summer Sale 2018 and it was once again a blast.

^ Gods I love that inventory screen. Caught myself some fish early on and kept a nice golden egg too

^ Turning the corner out of the Big Cheese's house and there is Dr. Salvador with his trusty chainsaw and bag over his head

^ More villagers/Ganados that were not triggered but happy to stand there. Don't worry, there are plenty of mobs elsewhere that will spawn mid area and run at you!

^ This is going to awkward to write up. The justified use of force...

^ This is fine. Nothing to see here.

^ Spot of fishing... never did shoot the water with my gun more I should have!

^ Ah El Gigante. Good thing I always free that poor doggy early on.

^ I can't remember how I was killed the first time but it was a dumb way that I kept going with

^ The Merchant is just the best. How does he get around?

^ Chainsaw Sisters - managed to rifle them to death as usual.

^ Flying Ganado.

^ Finally completed some of these. Well worth buying the maps.

^ They have fecking machine guns.

^ Again, way to telegraph this guys...


^ This would be SO much easier if my mission were to kill not save Ashley.

^ Her section was grand just spoopy knights to worry about

^ Air Force One is way nicer, eh Ashley?

^ Thankfully she's off again no more escort missions for a while...

^ Fired my RPG at the two Edward Scissorhands in the back, killing the unarmoured one and injuring the other...

^ Sold the other bit by mistake! Oh well

^ TWO El Gigantes?

^ Every time I play this game he gets stuck.


^ This was way more fun this time.

^ Mecha Salazer

^ Nice...

^ Never played this minigame before. Nice way to get cash. Easy to just keep retrying (x3) to get all the prizes.

^ Oh go on. It's only Normal difficulty.

^ Had to sell stuff to get it though...

^ These guys are fine.

^ Stay there... forever...

^ Americans and their driving!

^ This scene. I really struggled with it the first time on the Cube but grand on the PC! All QTEs on the Steam version were grand.

^ Press X to sit? Of course.

^ It.

^ Krauser Battle Time! Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the knife.

^ I was ridiculously well stocked up for the Krauser battle.

^ "That's a big thing you have there" - Leon Ada


^ Saddler loves rapping with Leon


^ More untriggered Ganados... this is fine as I mentioned before they fecking whaled me in other sections

^ OK NOW the plaga is out, sorry.

^ Almost there...

^ Nuked Saddler.

^ Ada gets me killed on the jetski - how I always die in the end...

^ Two more deaths on the jet ski... short game overall but over multiple play sessions

^ I will never have that much money...

^ Brief playing of Professional Difficulty. Verdict: HARD

^ Never played this before. It was REALLY fun!

^ Difficulty level: Ada. Murderer of Ganados and Chickens. I loved how you could buy her weapons fully upgraded and ready to rock, might help explain why it seemed that bit harder earlier on.

^ Having only played RE2 briefly before I never 'got' Ada - now I do.

^ The entire parallel game was fun.

^ Upgraded weapons made El Gigante embarrassingly easy here.

^ Pretty sure it was a dumb death. Oh well. OH I remember, it was a QTE within an FMV that I totally missed. I was not paying attention and was sacrificed during a cut scene!

^ It was just a nicely done game within a game.

^ Repeat the cage spot.

^ Thankfully it was not a QTE.

^ Also was murdered by none other than a ship cannon, but it was a fun scene.

^ The other three times were Krauser x 2 (didn't know I could use the knife for some reason, IT WAS SO EASY) and Saddler (also knifed him and shotgun)

I will leave Mercenaries, the Ada minigame collecting plagas and professional difficulty for some other time, not sense in squeezing the game entirely of all the fun.

I remember breezing through Normal on the GameCube a few times but it was difficult on this remaster/PC version. I obviously played 99% of this with a newly acquired controller (my first PC game to get such a treatment) but not down to that. Controls were grand, but the AI director that is apparently in this screwed me royal.

Still a top top game.

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