23 April 2019

Minor updates?

All good.

Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris trip was a rip-roaring success. Already planning a solo part #2 in Eastern/Northern Europe later in the summer.

Still writing 1 page a day, so currently at roughly 130 pages (did a few double days). With about 130 by 180 words per page (low estimate) we're well over 20,000 words in, the most I've ever written for any fantasy novel attempt. My MA dissertation was about 24,000 words and I'm close to that or possibly past it. 2014 was a bad year, 2019 has been pretty good so far. If my life is in any way cyclical, 2019-2024 will be pretty good too!

I have a load of the TIME Stories expansions bought now but I really want to play the new Madame expansion. I might even try to bring back the trio of myself, Cathy and Royce to do it.

Work is what it is - 11 months until the shutdown.

Trying to get back into running/cycling/walking etc.

Siblings at the communion party!

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