26 May 2019

Frostgrave 2016 retrospective

3 years later from the many games of Frostgrave, I might as well upload my own records from June 2016 - December 2016. Myself, Ger and Donal played a series of triple threat matches, 12 in total. In the second game, the Mausoleum, my wizard, an old Gandalf mini figure, was downed and failed his roll to come back so he died. His apprentice, an old Elrond model, took up the cause and recruited a spicy young rogue as his apprentice. I have 10 parties listed here who played in the second incarnation of my warband under Elrond.

Party 1 (new)Party 2Party 3Party 4Party 5
1WizardWizardWizardWizard (OK)Wizard
3CaptainCaptain (OK)CaptainCaptain(BI/Heal)Captain (CC)
4ArcherArcherArcherArcher (BW)Archer (49)
5ArcherArcher (OK)Archer (OK)Archer (OK)Archer
6ArcherArcher (BW)>[Archer]ArcherArcher
7WarhoundWarhoundInfantrymanInfantryman(BW)T Hunter (79)OK
8WarhoundWarhoundWarhound (BW)Treasure HunterTreasure Hunter
9Warhound (BW)WarhoundWarhoundInfantryman(BW)Infantryman (49)
10WarhoundWarhound(BW)ThiefThief (OK)Thief
11Construct (S)Construct (S)Construct (S)Construct (S)Construct (S)
ken12-Warhound (k)Warhound(k)(bw)Warhound (k)Warhound (k)OK
sumz13(Zombie)Minor DemonZombieZombie
sumd14Zombie[Minor Demon]Imp

Green slots are the Wizard and Apprentice, yellow are the standard warband slots (includes Inn); orange is the kennel for the Warhound and purple is for potentially summoned creatures.

Party 6Party 7Party 8Party 9Party 10
3Captain(BI/Heal)CaptainCaptain(BI/Heal)CaptainCaptain (OK)
4Archer (dead)Tracker (79)TrackerTrackerTracker
5ArcherArcherArcherArcherArcher (OK)
6ArcherArcherArcher (dead)ThugThug (OK)
7T Hunter (OK)T HunterT HunterT HunterT Hunter
8T Hunter (OK)T Hunter (OK)T Hunter (OK)T Hunter (BI)[T Hunter]
9InfantrymanInfantrymanInfantryman (BI)WarhoundWarhound (BI)
10Thief (OK)ThiefThiefThiefThief
11Construct (S)Construct (S)Construct (S)Construct (S)Construct(S)(OK)
ken12Warhound(k)(bw)Warhound(OK9)Warhound (OK)Warhound(BI)(9)Warhound (OK)

Red indicates that they fell in battle at some point. They are OK if they passed the roll to live afterward, while BW/BI is badly wounded/injured and had to miss a battle. CC is a close call, while dead is dead. Some are struck through if dead, or fired. Some members of the warband either weren't up to par or I was unwilling to wait for them to come back to full health. Grey indicates I did wait for them to get better in the case of the Archer and Treasure Hunter. That Small Construct survived every game, what a hero. I almost always had a pregame summoned Zombie to assist too. Them and the Thug or Thief were basically arms to carry treasure.

Party 11 draft
T HunterStr
T HunterStr
Construct (S)

This game never happened, I think these colours were moved along to whatever the next game was. Yellow indicates they are back in full health while Purple indicates a new member for that particular game. I believe there was an expensive Marksman (100gp) in the game Gandalf died in so maybe it was better it didn't get played! The little 'Str' next to three of them indicates Strength potions, which my troops were well-versed in guzzling every game.

WIZARD (3920)67/9011420HW+1F/Dag/ROP1
CAPTAIN (240)63112314HW+2Dm/Sh/LA/XBow
ARCHERS62211210Bow, Dagger

I made up these stat lines early on and obviously didn't update for the incredible Treasure Hunters and so on. I think we all realized early on that Fight was the best stat, namely for dodging arrows. Hence we all had hand weapons and daggers to help get the Fight up. I think Ger raised his F every time he levelled up, making him really powerful in close combat. This aided in the attempts to get kills for your Wizard, which can be difficult.

My Spells:Desired spells:
ElementalistHammer (8)Bolt (5)Scatter (12)E-Ball (12) E Shield (10)Wall (10)
Summoner +2Leap (7)Imp (12)SumDem (14)Possess (14)Bind (12)
Enchanter +2Construct (10)
Enchant Weapon/Armour (10) Telekinesis (10) Grenade (12) Strength (12)
Chronomancy+2Fast Act (10)Fleet Feet (12)
Necromancy +4
Raise Zombie (11)
Bone Dart (12)
Sigilist +4Absrb Know (9)[Drain Word (18)][CapIncant 16]Push (12)Scroll (14)

I was an Elementalist, obviously. I was a Summoner too for Leap, but it wasn't as important as games went on. Enchanter was another but I didn't sink too many points into it. Same for Chronomancy, though Fast Act was a good trick here and there. Necromancy helped me get the troop numbers up, so critical for carrying treasure. Sigilist had some cool spells I became enamoured with, namely Absorb Knowledge, which gave me a few XP boosts down the line.

Neutrals (+4):
SoothAwareness (12)Wizard Eye (12)
ThauHeal (9)Dispel (16)
WitchFog (12)Familiar (12)
Animal Companion (12)
Illusionist (+6)Monstrous (14)Glow (16)Teleport (16)

My neutral affiliated spells. I liked Reveal Secret as it added another treasure to the game I think. Heal wasn't used very often but very handy when your Wizard has maxed out HP (20).

Thug/Thief193920(before 9g) 43Ring Prct (Wiz)Inn w/ KennelGrim (Leap)
Arc/Xbow49AbsKnw 11>10(after 9g) 75HW +1 Fight (Wiz)Carrier PigeonsCordialO'CS
Inf/MAA49/79Heal 11>10(after 10g) 554HW + 2 DAM (Cap)Crystal Ball*FOFPot
Kni/Temp/Barb99RevSec 15>14*saleringofpowFocusRing(App)Invul potion
Rang/Mark99HP +1 (20)654Grim (Dispel16)teleport potion
Apoth/Ass99Fight + 1 (4)marksmanGrim (DrainW18)Heal x 3
Str +2/Tough/Spd50Awareness555
Grimoire(Capture Incantation16)
Scroll (Glow)
Grenade50Fight + 1 (5)Str x 3, LA
Grim: Reveal Invisible (12)
Scroll (Shield)
Tele/Invul/Invis100RevSec 14>13*400
Grim: Decay (14)
Scroll x 3
Demon Bottle200Heal 10>9
Grim: Mind Con (16)
AbsKnw 10>9
Grim: Plane Walk (16)
Grim (Bolt)
Raise Z 12>11RingofPow

I kept this handy. I think I had some sort of discount on various units? Hence everything was 1gp cheaper. I almost always bought potions like Strength, occasionally stuff like Grenade and Demon Bottles.

I also have a tally of my last few levels of Wizard and what I hoped to buy next.

My treasury had 544 gold after the 10th game I played with this party, though a Marksman set me back 99 and three strength potions another 150. Not sure what LA stands for in the context of the game again.

My Vault notes all the equipment and Grimoires I possessed at the time, most of which were equipped - the Apprentice has the Force Ring for example. My base had an Inn with a Kennel, allowing me 2-3 extra troops I think and a free Warhound slot. I think Carrier pigeons reduced the cost of men by 1gp and I can't remember what the Crystal Ball did if anything. Maybe it made Reveal Secret easier is that what the asterisk is for? I have a record of past sales on the right as well.

New PartyCasualties (0HP)PlaceGerDonal
Game 1 (basic)10%2nd (3T)3rd1st
Game 2 (Maus)92%3rd (1T*)2nd1st
Game 1 (Well)33%3rd (3T)1st2nd
Game 2 (Tower)64%1st? (4T*)2nd3rd
Game 3 (Pits)36%2nd? (3T)1st3rd
Game 4 (Keep)66%3rd+ (3T)1st2nd
Game 5 (Wolf)21%1st? (3T)3rd2nd
Game 6 (Worm)46%2nd? (3T)3rd2nd
Game 7 (Vamp)15%1st (3T)3rd2nd
Game 8 (Piper)38%2nd (3T)3rd1st
Game 9 (Dragon)33%1st (4T)2nd3rd
Game 10 (Bandits)50%1st (4T)2nd3rd
Averagecasualty40%25(22)2223Win points
5g, 4s, 3b3g, 4s, 5b3g, 5s, 4bMedals
645965Total points

I tried to keep a score of how well we did. My casualties include any unit that fell to 0HP in a game. Note my second game where I had 92% casualties and lost my Wizard, Gandalf. I generally lost a lot earlier on with my Warhound charges and general recklessness but got better over time. Average over 12 games was 40%.

Place I determined by treasures collected. I had the most treasures in the most games with 25, Donal had 23 and Ger had 22. Granted some of mine were Reveal Secret bonus treasures. If you discount my first two games, I only got 22 treasures overall. My level at the end was 39, Ger's was 37 and Donal's was highest at 42. That Necromancy Dart and clever placement of that spell that acts like a portal (the eye?) worked really well for him.

Warhound (K)Barbarian?

Trying to gather intelligence on the guys and keep tabs on their warbands. This is probably inaccurate but helped with my pregame strategising a bit.

The Silent Tower (COMPLETED)
->Spell Strategy>>>>>>>>>>>Next game>>>>>>>>>>>
5 Warhounds provide central screening force
Cast Elemental Hammer on Archers while advancing to Tower
Wizard and 3 Archers follow behind
Apprentice and Zombie grab Treasure on one flank
Leap Zombie in and out with treasures
Captain and Construct grab treasure on other flank
Captain and Apprentice join the carnage in middle
Cast Bolt and Scatter into the carnage; their parties may be bunched
5 WH attack Donal through fog screen
Wizard and 3 Archers follow behind, brutalise Ger?
Keep casting and firing until all dead; Leap to safety/retreat

Pre Silent Tower plans. I got the most treasures in this game so it must have worked. My 5 Warhounds flying around early on as fun. I really liked the Wizard, Apprentice, Captain, the Rest way of moving units in this game.

The Keep/teleporter madness
Spell strategy
Phase 1
Wizard + Inf/Thugs advance to first teleporter
Wizard/App - try for Summon Zombie if necessary
App + Archers provide base of fire
Wizard/App - get those Elemental Hammers online (Archers, Cap/T)
Cap + freak advance
Assorted freaks move up
Phase 2
Wizard gets teleported/invulnerable/grab teleport treasure
Wizard - Elemental Bolt time
Inf/Thugs grab central treasures?
Wizard - Scatter Shot into the melee?
App/Archers provide base of fire
Wizard/App - FAST ACT may be good
Cap + freak act scary
App - Leap may be necessary by now
Thief grabs other treasure off teleporter
Wiz/App - Summon Imp either
Phase 3
Wiz teleport potion behind base of fire
Wizard - Leap/Bolt
App/Archers keep firing/leaping/walling
Apprentice - Leap
Cap + freak aid treasure haul
Wiz/App - FAST ACT may be a good one at the end?
Inf/thugs scarper or turn and fight
Wizard - Absorb Knowledge at the end
Thief teleports out too
Wiz/App - Summon Imp if necessary

I think this was the game where we used an old Heroquest board?

Mystery October game Friday 7th 2016
ApprenticeTreasure HunterInfantrymanThiefConstructGER
CaptainWarhoundTreasure HunterImpDONAL
Spells cast:11
Wizard party never really got good opportunities until end, wary of Werewolf and Donal's Wizard Eye/killed Ger App 80XP
Fave spellHammer/Bolt
Apprentice meandered too/Inf guarded her/TH almost died vs. Wolf/TF climbed around, never teleported
Captain died fast/WH too/TH held off Donals assault/Imp got treasure safely
Lucky I didn't get too many wandering monsters, all the blood was on opposite end of field

Pre game plans and post game commentary. My Wizard managed to kill Ger's Apprentice apparently for a tasty 80 XP if I'm right, almost a full level. My Captains were notoriously terrible. I even keep a tally of spells cast.

Mystery October game Tues 11/10/16
Cast Summon Zombie after the first one walks off! Same for the Summon Demon!
Don't be afraid to use Leap to take full advantage of treasures!
Spell strategy:OpeningSumDem (14)
Wizard perform well, 2 health potions great;
OpeningPossess (14)
Apprentice also performed well, bit more useful; Infantry glued to her
MiddleBolt (7)
Captain did OK but cut down fighting Ger's demonic Captain, killed a rat!
MiddleBolt (7)
Archers were good and even better split up, increased flexibility
EndBolt (7)
T Hunters fantastic in defence, bit more questionable in offence
Thief fail Grenade and died; Construct + Zombie did their jobs perfectly
Spells cast:16Assessment:
Ger had very hard time in end, Donal did best probably but still suffered losses
Fave spellBolt/LeapKills:1

The WORMS! game. 16 spells cast, presumably successfully. I think the red and reddish hues to everybody indicate level of injury! Pure red indicates downed, as happened to the Captain, pinkish indicates finished without full health. One Archer must have escaped untouched.

Next game mid to late October 2016
Wiz killed one/damaged a few guys
POSTGAMESpells cast:13Kills:1Assessment:
App killed Vamp, support role in back
Fave SpellLeap/BoltCap Kills:3
Cap killed three things, did well
Archers hurt some and covered Wiz
TH were great, only suffered when press vs Ger
Tracker lady was fine, she'll perform more next time
Thief leaped up to Vamp Arch, retreated from Donal
Imp creates unbound Demon, who killed D Barb

My Apprentice killed a Vampire, or the Vampire, I can't remember. My Captain actually did well. I remember them being questionable now - pay to get them, pay to maintain them, their XP gains were poor (10 or something for killing average units, higher for Wizards etc) and they just generally didn't excel beyond other units (which was typical of Frost Gravy).

Next game 10th November 2016
Piper Scenario (Donal)
WizardTH (STR)TrackerThiefConstruct
ApprenticeTH (STR)ArcherArcherZombie
Captain (STR)InfantrymanWarhoundAssessment:
Wiz very successful pushing up, kill Ger Archer
POSTGAMESpells cast:15Wiz Kills:1
App was good in support role kill Ger Wizard!
Fave SpellBoltCap Kills:0
Cap was terrible, always in wrong place + KO'd
PreGame 'Plan'
Wizard advances forward and gets into an aggressive position
All soldiers did a fine job considering
Apprentice stays between deployment and Wizard's forward position, provide support
Casualties were very acceptable at around 38%
Captain and Infantryman stay behind and cover the rear, defeat any spawning monsters
Money low, treasure OK, XP not too great
Spares: Construct follows Wizard and grabs first treasure, Zombie does the same; Warhound may move forward to assist Wizard
Summons: try and summon Imps first turn with Summon Demon; use them to get treasures 3 and possibly 4 if RevSec works
Goals:Cast 10+ spells100 XPHP + 1 (20)
Extra A point means HP not so critical
Kill 1-3 people with Wizard
40-120 XPLeap 7>6
Good to get this to 5 perhaps
Grab 3+ treasures
150-200 XPHeal 12>11
Definitely lower this
Complete misc goals
50-100 XPRevSec 16>15And this
Succeed Absorb Know/Rev Sec
50-100 XPAbsKnw 12>11And this!
390-620 XPWzEye/Telk/Str
If possible, take instead of something above maybe/Grimoires
Captain gets 1-3 kills to level up
4-6 levels possible
Captain got 10 Xp, Wizard got 320

My Apprentice managed to down Ger's Wizard! Captain apparently bad in the Piper scenario. Any kills by the Wizard are welcome.

17th November 2016
POSTGAMESpells cast:12 (120)Wiz Kills:
Ice Dragon (150), Cult Leader (50)
T 4 (200)Abs Knw (50)Option (50)
Fave SpellBoltCap Kills:028702870
Wizard was very good, Leaping and Bolting people. Close calls.
Apprentice was fine, did her job well until ganked by Donal Cap + WH
Captain was never in the right place and missed his archery 2-3 times
TH still great though KO'd, Thief, Tracker, Thug and Construct walked Treasure off board, WH fine
Spells - some terrible luck, like rolling 1-4 on Bolt and such.Some great rolls too.

My Ice Dragon scenario. My Wizard became a badass, killing things in one or two goes with Bolt, the best offensive spell when fully upgraded. He killed the Ice Dragon and the Cult Leader. I think I kept refitting my Captain in different ways, one day a two handed specialist, the next an archer. Almost always inadequate.

1st December 2016
POSTGAMESpells cast:14Wiz Kills:
2 (Donal Thief, Bandit leader)
Fave SpellScatter ShotCap Kills:1 (Ice Gorilla)
Advance on Donal for the final showdown
Can now stand still and cast at a +1; Bolt at 6, Leap at 8 etc
Hold the extreme left or right flank with Zombie, then get a Warhound friend
Warhounds move alongside forward groups and plug gaps when treasure goes to rear
Spell StrategyWizardApprentice
OOGRaiseZ (11)RaiseZ (13)Assessment:
Great game, very tense ending
OOGRevSec (13)RevSec (15)Wizard
Scatter Shot was pretty amazing. Did some silly stuff but smart at end
OpeningAwareness (12)Wall (12)Tracker
Useful with Hammer, mobile, grabbed a central treasure
OpeningHammer (8)Bolt (7)T Hunter
Defended Wizard well then grabbed treasure at the end
MiddleHeal(10)Heal (12)Thief
Grabbed early treasure and ran off eventually
MiddleScatter (12)Leap (9)Apprentice
Great stationery or on the move; huge threat and useful backup
MiddleScatter (12)Heal (12)Archer
Did not perform too well, shot at Ger thief, cut down by Gorilla
ClosingScatter (12)Leap (9)Thug
Bodyguarded App then downed by Gorilla
ClosingLeap (7)?Construct (S)
A pair of arms for Ger thief treasure but ultimately killed by Gorilla first
ClosingLeap (7)?Captain
Slow, terrible shot, eventually killed Gorilla, healed by App and shot down by Ger Cap
OOGAbsKnw (10)-Zombie
Grabbed initial treasure (Thief other one) then eventually leaped off board (wounded)
Ganked by Ger WH and Thug in centre bandit fort, badly injured - replace
Warhound (k)
Stuck with Cap for time, eventually KO'd by Ger WH or something at very end

Ah the last game we played. I think I adopted a 'kill Donal's Wizard' at all costs type of mentality. OK maybe not but our two guys were the best at hurling offensive spells, while Ger got even better at summoning hideously powerful demons that got stronger every game. A great Wizard means a good Apprentice. I think I was very happy with my lineup by the end of the campaign, with one slot free to change things up every now and then.

Last game of 2016
WizApp (ROF)POSTGAMESpells cast:Wiz Kills:
Bolt57Fave SpellCap Kills:
Fast Act1012Others
Warhounds move alongside forward groups and plug gaps when treasure goes to rear
Construct1012Spell StrategyWizardApprentice
Absorb Know9-OOGRaiseZ (11)RaiseZ (13)
RaiseZombie1113OOGRevSec (12)RevSec (14)
Scatter Shot1214
Reveal Secret12*14*

^ The template for the game we never played. Out of Game (OOG) raise zombies and reveal secrets followed by actual ingame spell casting. Usually Elemental Hammer on a ranged unit or Leap on a early game treasure grab. Cool how my Wizard could pass a Bolt on a 5 and App on 7.

EXP recordLevel record
(Bolt 12>11)
Fight +1
HP + 13
Bolt 11>10
Leap 10>9
Learned Wall6
Bolt 10>9
Hammer 10>9
HP + 19
Bolt 9>8
Fight +1
HP + 1
Summon Demon13
HP + 1
Fight +1
Bolt 8>7
HP + 1
Bolt 7>6
Leap 9>8
Bolt 6>5
Hammer 9>8
Reveal Secret25
Rev Sec 16>15
Heal 12> 11
AbsKnow 12>1128
AbsKnw 11>10
Heal 11>10
RevSec 15>14*
HP +1 (20)
Fight + 1 (4)
Fight + 1 (5)
RevSec 14>13*
Heal 10>9
AbsKnw 10>9
Raise Z 12>1139

^ My experience log for my Wizard and by extension, my Apprentice.

That's pretty much it! Had that Excel sheet for ages and wanted to share it somehow.

It would be cool to get together with the guys and play one last game! Maybe a once the treasures are off the board, it's a deathmatch, last man standing kind of deal.

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