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Goldeneye retrospective

Myself and the Ladz, in this case Formosus and majk, congregated at my house just like old times last Thursday at around 5. We were fully geared for a Halo2 romp and that's exactly what we did. Two games: up to 100 random weapons in Lockout (just like old times) and up to 50 standard slayer in Terminal (again, like old times). It was a laugh riot and a load of fun, I was glad to be a part of it! It was almost 7 and the lads had to go soon, so I insisted on breaking out Goldeneye for the N64. This is what leads me to a multiplayer review, with hindsight and nostalgia firmly in the balance.

First off, a little history lesson. The N64 was my first console, Goldeneye the first game that came with it. My first multiplayer game ever was a 1 vs. 1 in Temple with my brother, Niall. Fun times - I trumped 'im! These were back in the before times, before any of the Ladz existed in my life. I had a different group of 'friends', all local boys. Conveniently there were 4 of us, so we…



This is to be the place for me to bang on about thoughts and feelings, but besides that I hope to post general comments on everything from games to food to everyday life. If you want a blow-by-blow commentary on my life, you'll have to go to livejournal. This is the place for random and sometimes structured thoughts to go.

So kick back, grab some of our leftover Velvet Crunches and enjoy the squash - it's gonna be a good ride.