08 October 2009

On Geofiction & Scenarios

Enter 'geofiction' into a Google search and you may well get many small sites but nothing too impressive. If you're me, multiply that feeling by a hundred! Geofiction is a hobby where people create fictitious worlds and populate them, develop their histories, cultures, languages... There are no great geofiction sites; no one big place to discuss the hobby. I hope to learn coding languages by the time I'm 25, so maybe I'll be the one who makes the website! Also, by then, perhaps there'll be several million people who will click my ads and donate spare cash to the site... sigh...


Now I need to make a one-off Dungeons and Dragons scenario for FanSci next week or in the following weeks. Nobody down there has run any D & D, largely due to the RP staff not liking it. A good number of the newbies there have heard of it/came to play it/have played it, suggesting that a game would be a hit (in demand, at least).

My niche is provided, as I have DM'd a single game with two others for the last 1 and a half years (after a 6-month hiatus is taken off). I feel ready for it. How so? I've only Dm'd one game! I have also played in another game for three years come this Christmas. Not enough? It doesn't matter. I am a RP-heavy rule-waiving DM who likes to see his players do well, but will drop bombs on them from time to time. I feel ready - I've got story, characters, setting, lots of dice... I think it'll be a hit.

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