31 January 2015

Game Genres I like and some thoughts on modern video games

I owned an original Game Boy in the 1990's, the old block used to belong to my older siblings. I played Mario and Wario on it. I got a Nintendo 64, my first console, for Christmas one year with Goldeneye 64. Mario Kart 64, Ocarina of Time and Lylat Wars would all follow. I never owned Mario 64 though I played it quite extensively on two friends' consoles. I played Age of Empires 1 and later 2 as well as Sims on PC around the same time. Pokemon came out the year I got a Game Boy Color for Christmas so all was all. One day my Dad walked in with a SNES he got at work and an assortment of games.

I have played a lot of games. I have also owned a lot of different platforms and still have all of them. My foundations may be in Nintendo but after 2006-7 I never forgave them and switched to my Xbox and later the 360 came out and made it all the sweeter. I loved the N64 and the GameCube but having been spoiled by them I couldn't face the Wii and its focus on kiddy and casual games. Around this time I also started playing the PS2 extensively and had played the PS1 on and off for a few years prior and my favourites were Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and all the wacky Japanese titles that came on the market for that platform. I wanted to keep growing up with my consoles and the gimmicky motion controls and appeal to family and newcomers coming from the Wii served to alienate me anyway.

So genres; first person and third person shooters are fine by me; I'm not a huge fan of 3D platformers but I love 2D ones; I love real time and turn based strategies, particularly 4X games; I dislike browser games, probably because one sucked away months my life on two different occasions; I don't really like mobile games or tablet games in general, I have no interest in them; my last handheld was a Game Boy Advance and the last game I bought for it was Pokémon Sapphire - if I really want to play these I'll get an emulator; racing games are OK; I'm not a big fan of fighting games though I have a soft spot for Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur; I love RPGs of all kinds, especially those open world ones currently on the market like Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

I never really got the console wars, they never got to me either - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all the same. They have their ups and their downs; the Wii U seems to be undergoing a Renaissance of sorts while the other two seem to have hit a ceiling of frames per seconds. They look amazing, but I'm not ready to switch from the 360 to the Xbone just yet, seeing as they are still making games for the former. I was slightly intrigued by the PS4 exclusives but never having played MGS properly I don't really care, while all my old franchises seem to be just releasing more and more of the same: Halo, Gears and Assassins Creed are either finished in my mind or stuck in a rut.

The PC has long been a staple for me. I'm no elitist, all I played on them for over a decade was Age of Empires 1,2,3 and Age of Wonders, an old TBS favourite of mine. I played all the original Sims and its expansions as well as the Sims 2; once you play the latter its very hard to go back to #1. It's only in recent years (2009 onward) that I've owned the entire Fallout series, Borderlands 1, Dragon Age Origins and a number of other titles. In very recent history I've sold my soul and bank card to Steam and have bought a dozen titles. I have friends IRL on Steam who have over a hundred games but I'm not sure how many of them bar one of two have actually played all of them. I really like the idea of buying a desktop in another year or two and basing myself entirely off that, even if its only to play 15 year old turn based strategies in glorious HD.

I'm not sure what I think about the current YouTube Let's Plays and 'personalities' among other things; I like some LPs on games that catch my eye and I want to see them played but I would rarely or never watch one about a game I own unless there was some sort of hook to it or something amusing happened at some point in the video. I am not that surprised that there are people on the internet playing games for other people to watch and they make their living this was, especially if it's Twitch TV and people will throw money at you.

Ramble over, will post again.

21 January 2015

Necut as a wiki entry - copied from the wikia

The fourth planet of the Plerojam System in the Galactic South-West. It is a terrestrial planet but it surrounded by a dense magical cloud which gives it a brown-hue. It is slightly larger than Earth and part of the 'genetic code' of the planet is thought to be inspired by Earth as well.
Composition and structure
Orbit and rotation
Cultural and historical viewpoint
Moons, Asteroids and artificial satellites
Necut was the name of the planet according to the original inhabitants and their rulers, a race of demigod-avians. Upon the arrival of the Six Gods they destroyed the original world and remade it to their liking, utilising various scripts including Earth's to create their ideal base. Sealed in by the Allies, they re-iterated the name of the planet to their followers and what remained of the original inhabitants.
When the Elven Expeditionary Force set out for the planet-field they dubbed it Yondera II, with Yondera being used for millenia afterward.
Composition and structure
Owing to the presence of the mana field, Necut is a perfect spheroid, not suffering from the effects of gravitational pull naturally yet the planet itself obeys the laws of gravity by the Gods' and the Allies' intervention. This was done to aid intervention should the mana field fall and the Six Gods attempt to rule the galaxy once again.
Like other terrestrial planets Necut is divided into a crust, mantle and core. It is thought to have a unique if unremarkable composition, somewhere between how the planet formed naturally and after being destroyed and rebuilt.
The Earth God Mozeth took care to manufacture the internal processes of the planet properly and tectonic plates are utilised in his system. The greatest zone of separation is in the Emerald Ocean while the Teranese Ocean is extremely volcanic.
Necut is quite rich in water (65%), not quite so much as Earth (70%) and is certainly drier. The mana field created unstable weather formations at the highest altitudes resulting in Allied and later Six God manipulation, cutting short the Ice Ages.
Orbit and rotation
Rotation of Necut relative to the Plerojam Sun is thought to be roughly 18 to 24 hours.
It takes about 360 to 370 days for Necut to orbit the Sun.
Necut was more severely tilted axially prior to re-construction but the Six Gods returned it to a near-perfect axis, resulting in only one month of polar night/day being observed in the North and South Poles a year.
Necut supported life without intervention, while a number of animal and plant species were lost forever in the process of reconstruction, yet more were lost attempting to adjust to the addition of the Six Gods' respective servant races.
While still one of only two sites in the system that can support life, it has diminished considerably in comparison to Zutrillia, so much so that only the Gods' intervention and Elven invasion restored some of the balance. The lasting legacy of the planet's mismanagement are the numerous semi-barren plains situated across the planet.
Necut is relatively stable in the Western Hemisphere, while the Eastern Hemisphere is affected largely by monsoon-style rains, hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. The Western Hemisphere landmasses tend to suffer a number of earthquakes in the interior where various plates meet.
In the modern era there are only a small number of states though hundreds existed in earlier periods. There are many nationalities but few states and fewer nation-states. Necut has never been ruled by one world government, though the Council of Necut was established after the Great Elven War to avoid forming one by bloodshed.
Cultural and historical viewpoint
While originally some millions of years old, Necut is now technically 6000 years old if dated from the Six Gods being imprisoned there. Only the last 2900 years are recorded in Myrnan history, with the previous 3000 years roughly recorded between the Six Elder Races (6000) and the Elves (4500 years).
Possession of the meta-knowledge of the planet's existence was deliberately kept from the Elder Races and the Myrnans, while the Elven Expedition lost much of its archives after a period of barbarism. Knowledge of the planes was slowly mapped out, with the biggest advances in the earliest period when the Gods were still active and competing with each other and after the rise of the mage-gene.
The formation of Necut was not mapped by the Federation or the Empire, or any other power in the region. It is presumed to have followed a similar course to Earth though more research into the original Necut would be required to confirm this.
An Ice Age was brought on by extreme weather from the mana field, which resulted in Allied assistance being rendered. There have been no other incidents similar to that since. The Air Goddess Ailzor froze a large portion of the Eastern Hemisphere roughly 5500 years ago, causing huge disruption while bizarrely reviving some of the original avian inhabitants of the planet. It was ended soon after after the other Gods attacked.
Ailzor's defeat and the end of her Ice Age resulted in a general warming of the planet for the next 5000 years, with temperatures set to rise - this is not relative to the heat of Plerojam's sun, which is older than that of the Solar System and has risen hugely. It is believed the mana field protects Necut from the sun's rays, while Zutrillia and the Earth Federation must consider countering global warming and the Elven Empire endure cooling.
Moons asteroids and artificial satellites
Necut has one large moon and roughly three or four smaller moons. These smaller satellites are probably more accurately described as asteroids, though they do have a small influence in certain periods of the year.
Federation probes noted on the last visit that all was well but Elven probes between 4500 and 1500 noted the presence of an artificial satellite thought to have originated from the planet itself, which was a partial reason for their expedition.

19 January 2015

Stopped Ogame... again

This game takes up way too much time that I don't have. I'm due to start my TEFL course online very soon and in addition to potty-training Theo this week I can't continue doing raids and supervising mining and such. I put my account on vacation mode, so that maybe in a few weeks I can go back and play again.

At night I play some games on Steam or if I'm at home for the weekend I'm almost finished LA Noire on the 360, fun interactive story game.

13 January 2015

Internet History

2006 - joined YouTube, Bebo

2007 - joined Facebook, first blog (livejournal) played Xbox Live Gold

2008 - started Ogame; more Xbox Live; this blog was started!

2009 - got a laptop, suddenly fast internet

2010 - introduced to internet memes, Twitter,

2011 - Skype sessions from Finland to Ireland, reading Foreign Policy

2012 - read more Foreign Policy until it stopped being easy, downloading and streaming intensifies

2013 - extensive use for BA/MA research, instrumental music for study

2014 - MA research, videos for Theo, music and Steam

2015 - started Ogame again, 4chong/implyingvidya; Steam Lan and renewed Twitter

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