20 May 2016

Game report follow-up: T.I.M.E Stories The Marcy Case 1992 w/ C & R spoiler-tastic

We were extremely well-drilled from having played the Asylum the morning before. Cathy and Royce took turns managing the Item Deck. I managed the turn tracker and interpreted rules and general oversaw everything running smoothly.

Run #1

We started at the City Entrance and Cathy decided to save the copper fighting the zombie. I told her to fire her gun once here I think. She received a shotgun afterward! I went for the car boot while Royce tanked the zombies that you must fight. Trapper the Dog joining Royce for this fight only but stayed with Cathy for the rest of the game. I eventually liberated the convict (after checking out the dead policeman) and got the jury-rigged rocket.

Evoking zombie tropes, we elected to go to the police station first. We got a Marcy for our trouble, a cassette (I think), keys and the Gatling gun. I got that by shooting off the lock. Going into the room with the zombies is never palatable, especially when you have plenty of health packs.

The High School was next and Royce spoke to the gun nut and the guys hanging around. Cathy spoke to the fisherman and chose not to trade med kits to get him but she did go and siphon some gas. I was going to negotiate with the leader guy but we agreed to just threaten him instead and got to see where the Bunker was.

Royce really wanted to check out Bunker but myself and Cathy wanted to explore Hotel first. I received another Marcy for my trouble while Cathy shot up the lift and checked out upstairs rooms. She had the keys from the police station so found the helipad but we couldn't use it yet.

In the Forest Royce checked out the cabin and received another Marcy and something else here, the ax maybe. Cathy found a tape. I was attacked by the convict but just gave him all my handgun bullets, 5/6 were left. We went deeper into forest and found two bullets and two medkits, a picture of a couple and fought the big zombie.

The Church was the last of the mundane locations; Cathy spoke to the nurse, then went with Royce and got imprisoned by priest. I gave the picture to the man and received the lab location. We eventually got out of the fight in here. We had generated 7 noise tokens and for a moment I had thought we had to fight an undead wrestler but in fact we received a stroke of luck and nothing happened,

The Laboratory came next and Cathy received a scientist ally after fighting off some zombies with the help of Trapper. Royce got the antidote, which was a relief as we now had 3 girls we thought were Marcy who each had one infection token. I took both tapes and spent some time listening to both of them. We were able to rule out Hotel Marcy right there but did not have the other Marcy one of the tapes referred to.

Royce finally got to go to the Bunker and we had less than 10 TU left. We had every code crossed off, with the scientist with Cathy eliminating two and the other two codes we read were old somewhere (we checked the base cards and they were indeed months old). Myself and Royce unlocked the last Marcy who was referred to in the second tape. Cathy operated radio and lost 5 TU, then I reminded them of the +3TU token we got in Asylum which we used and then lost another 5TU, bringing us to 0 left. With our last action we read the correct one and received the state token required to get onto helipad.

Run #2

Same set up except this time we chose to start in the Police Station, finding one Marcy and everything else here. Neither the Church nor the High School were essential as we had the map tokens from last time so we skipped those entirely. We then went to the Forest and got the other correct Marcy girl. The Lab allowed us to get the scientist again and get the antidote. The City Entrance wasn't mandatory, Royce was against it but I wanted the convict after having skipped past his two ambush attempts. The Bunker was our last stop before the Hotel and Helipad and we got another Marcy for the laugh and the correct radio transmission.

In the Hotel we skipped past the Marcy there, into the lift and checked out the two rooms properly. I had the adult magazine from the last run so unlocked the safe which contained a note eliminating the Police Station Marcy, leaving just Forest Marcy. The Helipad beckoned and I gleefully flung the scientist at the zombie horde and we used the jury-rigged rocket to signal the attention of the helicopter. We handed them the Forest Marcy and won the game.

This being our second run we received 40 MP and 17 more for having that many TU left, allowing us to choose the pink token for the first time and a blue token to replace the one we lost from before. We still had the green token from last time. Cathy was excellent and on-form as the journalist lady, constantly moving toward things that appeared to require investigation while Royce jumped toward combat, having all the close combat dice. Having played it before I knew it was Forest Marcy from the beginning but insisted that we check everywhere and everything. I'm glad I didn't have to veto the River as the others did it out of hand as being too far away. Cathy did say we should just go there and check it out which we never got around to doing. They took TU loss seriously. We were a bit more liberal with guns but altogether clocked up a total of 10 noise tokens roughly, 7 and then like 3. We were lucky not to have met a horde or any other distractions in the Street encounters. I showed them afterward how brutal the River can be. Onward to the Prophecy of Dragons, maybe in another month or so. The other expansion is out already I think too.

Marcy Case still the best but there were a lot of things about Asylum I loved (and some things I hated).

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